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**NEW** Good Fortune Canine Kitchen!!

<-- Not looking for Dog treats, but want to help a new business get started? Make a donation of any amount.

orders: 906-285-1220 (MasterCard/Visa/Paypal)


We all want to spoil our dogs with occasional treats, especially on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries... however, we also want our dogs to be healthy. Chocolate, grapes, raisins, things that are treats for US, are highly toxic to dogs.

Other bargain brand treats you get from the store are full of unnecessary fillers like corn, soy, wheat and gluten. Things that have little to no health benefits for your dogs. Some are not even digestible materials. Then you have to worry if you have puppies or senior dogs, are the treats soft enough so they don't pose risks to the teeth, and can they be chewed to a nub which could pose a choking hazard if swallowed whole...

With special homemade treats from the Good Fortune Canine Kitchen, your pet can enjoy a very special, healthy and tasty treat to help you celebrate your special occasion, or just because they deserve a special treat. The cookies are soft enough for puppies and seniors to enjoy. You can enjoy a slice of birthday cake knowing your dog is enjoying a pet friendly and healthy alternative treat they'll love!

Made with all natural ingredients with proven health benefits such as:

Pumpkin - Digestive health
Parsley - fight bad breath
Cinnamon - great for regulating blood sugar as well as benefits to joint health.

No wheat, no soy, no corn... no unnecessary fillers, artificial flavors or colors. These treats are homemade with your dog's health in mind which make pet parents happy - and are taste tested which makes your dogs happy.

Flavors Available

Pumpkin Cinnamon Delight (contains egg)

Apple Cinnamon pie (contains egg)

Peanut Butter Banana Vegan Special (Contains NO egg, 100% vegan)

Pricing and Shipping information
For local orders of any size - please call 906-285-1220 for prices

Fully packaged ready to ship weight of 1lb - $25 (UPS)
Fully packaged ready to ship weight of 3lb - $33 (UPS)

These prices include the costs of  OVERNIGHT SHIPPING - and packaging

All orders are handmade after payment, cookies must set overnight. They are then shipped the following morning via overnight shipping, UPS. Must ship to physical addresses, no PO BOXES

Other important information
If you have a special occasion you are ordering for, please make sure you give enough time between ordering, and your event. The process is a minimum of a 3 days.

I start the cookies the day the order goes through, they usually need to set overnight. They are shipped the next morning and will arrive via overnight shipping the following day.

I accept paypal. If you do not have a paypal account, please email me and I can give you information on how to pay over the phone with Mastercard or Visa.

Remember to refrigerate any unused portions of the cookies to keep them fresh for the next treat time.

If your dog has food related allergies, please let me know which foods your pet can not have and I will let you know if those ingredients are in the recipes.

There is no guarantee your dog will like these treats. My dogs love them, as do most of the dogs who have received these treats. However, much like people, dogs have different tastes, and there may be that one dog who won't like pumpkin or isn't a fan of peanut butter. I can not be responsible for your dog's taste-buds. Treats are non-refundable.

if you do have issues with the order outside of flavor issues, please contact me.

Help a new local business get off the ground!

Canine Kitchen's Facebook Page!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Andrea Mesich

Certified Canine Massage Therapist

Good Fortune Canine Dojo

For your convenience, appointment times are available 7 days a week

Andrea received her certification as a sports therapist for dogs through the Brandenburg Institute of Canine and Equine Massage Therapy.

Besides studying massage therapy, Andrea has worked in pet care since 2004. She has been a Veterinary Technician for a 24 hr Emergency Animal Hospital, a Pet Care specialist for PetSmart and a Nutrition expert for a local pet store when she lived in South Eastern Wisconsin.

Andrea has participated in non-medical pet advice websites, and has assisted in wildlife rescues. She has a love of animals, and has raised everything from iguanas, to rabbits, dogs, birds, hamsters and even cared for a stray cat who turned up on her doorstep one day.

Please read all the links below for all the services offered at the Good Fortune Canine Dojo

**First time Discounts available on service of your choice!**

Call 906-285-1220 for appointments 


About Massage Therapy for Dogs/Prices

Lists of Other Services/Prices

A call to Dog Trainers and Kennels



Check back often for changes/updates to services and fees


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Massage Therapy Explanation and pricing

Canine Massage Therapy -

Is Massage Therapy for dogs just a fad? Is it right for my dog?

Canine Massage Therapy is definitely not a fad. there are many proven benefits of massage therapy for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. 

1. It increases the range of motion by restoring muscles to their proper length
2. Massage Therapy reduces inflammation and swelling in joints that can happen to any dog who is active.
3. A proper massage releases endorphins which is a body's natural pain killer and tranquilizer.
4. If given they okay by a veterinarian, massage therapy has been used to lessen healing time after surgery or injury.
5. It can be used as a preventative before an injury occurs.

For older dogs, it helps improve circulation and keeps their muscles from atrophying due to lack of use. It can help them feel younger and move a little easier. For younger dogs it can relax the muscles after a hard day of play, reduce spasms and tightness caused by activity, to keep young and healthy dogs feeling young and healthy.

As an example of the benefits: Circulation is important to all dogs. Active or couch potatoes, old or young. Oxygen is carried to each muscle through the circulation of the blood. When oxygen joins in union with glucose, it gives the muscles the proper energy needed to contract and keep your pup in motion. When your dog's muscles are overstressed, tighten or spasm... this can cut off the much needed supply of oxygen to the muscles. After a time, toxins like lactic acid can build up in their system. Lactic acid can spread fatigue and reduce proper body function. Lactic Acid can not remain in the presence of oxygen. Massage therapy can relax the tightness and spasms, and help get the circulation flowing properly. That circulation will carry oxygen back to the muscles, eliminating those toxins, and providing the muscles with the energy they need to properly function.

"Why can't I just do this on my own? I pet my dog all the time. Isn't that enough?"

Petting your dog is a great way to bond with your furry family member and show your love, however... massage therapy isn't simply petting your dog. It is actually more complex that it sounds. Massage Therapists are trained to know the muscular and skeletal system of pets, how to locate an area that could be problematic, how to properly warm the muscles prior to applying direct pressure, how to apply direct pressure to potential problematic areas, and when to use a technique called 'Cross Fiber Friction' to separate and spread the fibers of the area being treated.

There are several different types of strokes, compressions and ways to apply direct pressure. Not all muscles are treated the same way. You also have to know WHERE you are applying pressure and HOW.  When done improperly, your dog will receive no benefits from the massage. When done properly, there are many proven health benefits. Canine massage therapists are specifically trained to know how to perform a massage properly to better help your pet.

It is like this analogy. If you have severe back spasms, Maybe they started after you lifted something heavy, do you ask your neighbor (who works as a cook for a living) to help with the pain... or do you see a professional chiropractor or massage therapist who is trained to alleviate these spasms?

Is Massage therapy right for your dog? Massage therapy is good for all dogs of any age, breed or size except in the following cases:

The presence of a fever
an Infection
If there is an undiagnosed lump or mass on the dog's body
If there is a broken or sprained limb being treated by a veterinarian
If your dog has cancer.

If your dog has had substantial illnesses, injuries or surgeries... Massage therapy MUST be cleared by the veterinarian. If your vet feels your dog will benefit from massage therapy after an injury or surgery, I will be happy to work with your veterinarian on the specifics at no extra cost.

Pricing for Massage Therapy

$20 per session

If you have multiple pets, multiple pet discounts are available.

If you would like to schedule one session a week, the price is $17 per session. (Must schedule at least 3 sessions to obtain this discounted price.)

I accept major credit cards and cash.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Other Services

While Canine Massage Therapy is the primary focus of the Good Fortune Canine Dojo, there are other services available for a limited time. (Service availability will be determined by popularity/need for the service and based on time available between massage clients.)

  Jump Start to Training

Training is very important to a healthy and happy dog and a happy family. While you seek out a professional trainer who will be able to properly help you through all phases of a dog's training needs... I can assist with positive reinforcement training experience to help you get a few important lessons started to give them a training jump start. Sit, Stay, Leave it, Drop it, tips for potty training and problem jumping or chewing. I can also do some research and find you a local trainer who can carry on the lessons your pet will need to be safe, happy and keep the family sane.

Introduction into training: $15 a session... 2 sessions a week recommended until you are able to find your full time trainer.

*If you are an experienced dog trainer and would like to be added to the list of potential trainers, please call me at 906-285-1220

* I do only do jump start training: (jump start to basic commands) You will need to transition to a full time trainer after 4 weeks, unless you need an extension or help finding a trainer.

Dog Walking

The ice in the upper peninsula is fairly thick. Have you slipped and hurt your back or your leg and have trouble making sure your dog has proper exercise? When available, I can be scheduled to help make sure your dog gets proper exercise at least 2x a week until you are healed through a relaxing walk through Ironwood. if your dog is dog friendly, he or she can join a small group walk with my two dogs where he or she can socialize and exercise. 

$10 a walk. Guaranteed at least 1 mile per walk minimum.  

Maximum 1 medium/large breed dog at a time - 2 small breed dogs. Dogs must be good at walking on leash. Service is based on availability. I can not guarantee scheduling Weather Permitting. (Due to dangers of overheating in summer, and paw pad damage in winter, I will not walk dogs in temperatures under 35, or on excessively hot/humid days.)

Adoption Services:

Are you looking to adopt your first pet? Maybe you're first dog or looking to adopt a friend or your existing dog. 

in my time working in pet care in Wisconsin, I saw many pets adopted as a novelty. An "Easter bunny", one of the "101 Dalmatians". There are so many stories of novelty pets being abandoned at shelters shortly after adoption due to the owners not being aware of the fact rabbits are actually fairly high maintenance and Dalmatians were more active than the family had time or energy for. 

The key to a happy family and a happy pet is planning ahead of time for what you're in for. What care is needed to keep a rabbit happy and healthy? How long do rats live? Is a pug right for my lifestyle? How do I know if this dog will get along with my dog? How do I know which puppy from this litter is the right one?

I am available to counsel you through the process of finding the right pet for you. After a few questions, I will do the research on breed, care, lifespan, general breed health, dietary needs, etc and provide you with the detailed research to aid you in your decision to bring a new pet into the home. I can teach you how to properly introduce a new pet into a family with existing pets before you adopt, when you are ready to adopt, and after you bring your new friend home. 

I will be happy to accompany you to the local humane societies if you choose to adopt, to help you find the right fit. All pet adopted from local H.O.P.E. animal shelter will get 1 free canine massage therapy session as a thank you for adopting animals in need.

Fees are based on type of adoption service requested and are discussed at a free consultation.

If you have questions, service requests, or want to schedule an appointment: Call 906-285-1220

Seeking trainers and kennels

If you are an experienced professional dog trainer, please call 906-285-1220 to be added to a referral list of local dog trainers for new pet parents seeking professional training for their pets.

Training is an important device in keeping your pet safe. (What will you do if your pet is enticed by something toxic, if your pet gets off leash, or if your pet is playing with something that they could get hurt by or could swallow and cause an obstruction?)

Proper training not only teaches your pet what to do, proper training teaches you what to do and what commands to give to keep your pet safe.

While I can get a jump start on some basic commands... you will need to seek a professional trainer to continue with the proper education and behavioral training.

Are you a local kennel with a good reputation and references? Please also feel free to call and be added to a referral list of kennels that I can pass on to clients.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013



All dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations including distemper, Parvo, Bordatella, and Rabies with proof of vaccination

From first thaw to first freeze, dogs are required to have flea and tick preventatives such as frontline plus, once every 4 to 6 weeks to stop the spread of fleas.

All dogs must be accompanied by a responsible owner 18 years or older, on a leash, unless scheduled for a dog walk drop off session.

Any dog with underlying health issues must get cleared by a veterinarian prior to any massage therapy sessions.